Monday, July 10, 2006

I am Singaporean

My nick is mafia but I dun create trouble.

I am talented wif drawing but but my father said i draw like shit n cannot make a living wif it n was force to give up n follow e normal academic system setup by e government n ended up in ITE (It’s the End).

When i started to work e stoopig government said tat e education system is not suitable for e children n they started to change recently.

I serve my 2 years NS but I dun remember anything from it.

My ex-boss duns appreciate my work because she is a perfectionist.
I work hard but din get my promotion because I dun have a diploma n my ex-boss is a perfectionist.

I can’t afford a car tats y I still taking public transport.

Our public transport cost keep increase due to e oil price increase but it never decrease when e oil price reduce.

I am not happy wif e cost of public transport but wat other choice do i have?
I dun bother who govern Singapore as every election e same group of ppl sure get 'elected'.

The government r trying to reduce our salary but keep increase e cost of living.
We have an elected president but we never had to cast our vote.

I still single though e government urge ppl to start a family early.

I can’t even afford a HDB or a wedding dinner tats y I remain single.

I can’t afford a HDB tats y I still stay wif my parents.
My name is David Goh.

I am a Singaporean.

So say we all.

So say we all!

This is my share of the National Day meme started by
Mr Brown and Mr Miyaki, inspired by the Molson beer "I am Canadian" commercial.

If you like, you can record your own version of "I am Singaporean" and post it on your blog. You can also tag it
and entitle it "I am Singaporean".


Jason: “ello is this helpdesk?”
Helpdesk: “yes yes, how can i help you?”
Jason: “oh my computer cannot boot up, can u come over n take a look?”
Helpdesk: “errr b4 tat pls fill in e problem feedback form which can be found on e intranet n email us.”
Jason: “ hellllooo i tot i told u tat i cannot boot up my computer, how can i fill in e form on ur intranet?”
Helpdesk: “u can use other ppl’s pc to do so mah.”
Jason: “…”

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